Verge3D 2.12 pre1 for 3ds Max/Blender(预发行版)发布

[Blender only] Color input is now supported for the Transparency BSDF node.
Blender]透明度BSDF”(Transparency BSDF)节点现在支持“颜色”(color)输入。

[Blender only] Supported the relative parent option for bones.
[Blender]支持骨骼的"相对父级"(relative parent)选项。

Implemented the puzzle for obtaining parameters of a texture. With it you can get width, height and aspect ratio of an image.

The replace texture now offers the once ready do slot so that you can now catch the moment when the image is loaded. Use the configuration icon to reveal it.
替换纹理”(replace texture)拼图现在提供了一旦就绪”(Once Ready do)的插槽以获取图像加载完成的时间。点击拼图左上角配置图标可启用该设置。

We temporarily disabled WebXR support as it was broken in the latest Chrome 73 update. Please use the Legacy VR option to enable VR for WebVR-compatible browsers and on mobile devices.
因在最新版Google Chrome 73更新中出现故障,我们暂时禁用了WebXR支持。请使用Legacy VR选项为兼容WebVR的浏览器和移动设备启用VR功能。

Physical puzzles were painted gray for more color diversity.

Implemented set URL param puzzle to simplify providing/updating parameters for the specified URL.
实现了"设置url参数"(set url param)拼图,以简化提供或更新URL参数流程。

The Custom Image demo application was updated for both Max and Blender versions. Besides better graphics, the picture frame is now properly scaled with bones according to the aspect of a loaded image, and the configuration is properly saved to the URL for sharing.
更新了MaxBlender版本的自定义图像”(Custom Image)示例应用。提升了应用画质;根据已加载图像的宽高比例,现在图像帧现在可以跟随骨骼正确缩放了;并可将配置正确保存在URL中以供分享。

Bug fixes / Bug修复

·       Fixed open web page puzzle not working in some modes.
修复了“打开网页”(open web page)拼图在某些模式下不工作的问题。

·       Fixed various issues caused export crash with Blender 2.8.
修复了Blender 2.8导致导出崩溃的各种问题。

·       Fixed the rare scaling issue with parented objects.

·       Fixed Verge3D network not working for new users of the trial version installed on top of Blender 2.8.
修复了基于Blender 2.8中安装试用版的新用户无法使用Verge3D network的问题。